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Styling Inspiration - Alexandra Carl

 Since studying Fashion Styling at Uni i have a true appreciation for styling and the way clothes are beautifully put together to create desirable fashion images. Although Photography is my main passion and pursuing this career path is my goal, i equally enjoyed styling every shoot and the two go perfectly hand in hand. Doing my own styling for shoots enables me to create beautiful images purely with my own vision in mind and i have actually slowly been swaying towards a career within styling. It's images like the above which really inspire me and make me realise why i am so passionate about clothes and fashion. They are the styling work of Alexandra Carl and to me they are pure clothes porn perfection. Minimal, oversized, androgynynous beauty - everything i love to see in fashion imagery and i truly salute her. I have a long list of photographers i will always admire, however it is much rarer for me to be impressed by styling work and Alexandra Carl has hit the nail on the head.

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