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New year new blog post

So my life has come along in leaps and bounds this year, and although everything may not have been fine and dandy I am certainly pleased with the outcome. Last year I was living at home in Lancaster, and although I loved working for Topshop and I had some amazing friends at home, I knew there was a lot more for me out there. A year later I am the personal shopping assistant at Topshop Manchester Arndale and I can proudly say I love my job and I am definitely on track career wise. Just last week my picture was posted on the Topshop Instagram and another on the Facebook, and I feel as though starting to blog again will go hand in hand with my job. So here's my last post of 2015 and the first of many to come. Hope you all have a lovely new year!

Here's my look of the day from yesterday. My boyfriend bought me this super cosy aviator jacket for Christmas and I haven't stopped wearing it since. It is a great faux shearling jacket if you are looking for one on a budget! The whole outfit is from Topshop.