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Arndale Boutique Event.

All items Topshop boutique.

So today in Manchester Arndale Topshop Personal Shopping we hosted an event to showcase the new Spring/Summer Topshop Boutique pieces. I wasn't blown away by the new collection as each piece started coming into store, however it is a collection full of staple pieces which will last you forever. Instead of the usual floral silk pieces it is full of simplistic items with unusual and beautiful cuts which both look expensive and classic, and each piece will be the basics for your wardrobe which can truly be paired with anything. The first piece I have bought from the collection is the black wrap kimono dress, and it is so easy to effortlessly throw on and will look amazing every time you wear it. My four favourite pieces are in the bottom picture, all black of course with some staple leather pieces which I adore. Of course there are still a few floral pieces in the mix of the collection to give it that usual boutique feel, however the pieces are more casual and androgynous throughout this collection with jumpsuits, trousers and loose fits. With all the pieces put together in one room my views on the collection had definitely changed and I can see why the day was a huge success.