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Suit Up.

Everything from Topshop.
Trousers (36R09JNAV) Blazer (17B14JNAV) Crop Top (09A23JWHT) Boots (32H21JBLK)
Silver bangle - Common Muse

I thought I'd try something completely different today, and it definitely worked in my favour. I've had my eye on these pinstripe trousers for a few weeks now - the cropped flared shaped is so flattering and looks amazing with heeled boots! However I hadn't really thought about what I'd wear them with until now. I was oblivious to the fact there was a matching jacket in store, and the jacket itself is definitely not something I would usually pick up. I do love a good blazer, however I usually go for more formal styles which look great dressed down with a good pair of boyfriend jeans. It looked a million times better on than it did on the hanger and I was instantly sold on the pair together. Worn with a simple jersey crop top underneath to keep it looking cool and casual, it's a smart yet wearable outfit which is a new wardrobe staple.