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& other stories picks.

So the new & other stories store opened this week in Manchester and I literally couldn't be happier. It has always been an essential stop every time I visit London, however I now have the privilege of having one just a few minutes walk from work.

It is certainly a shop where I could empty my bank account at once, and as it was my first visit since the store opening I think I just about tried the whole shop on. I was actually invited to the store opening party, however unfortunately I was unable to attend and take advantage of the 25% off for the night.

These were my favourite picks from today. I didn't end up buying anything too exciting as I was drawn to the basics, and I went for the basic t-shirt dress and a white tee. I recently read an article about buying good quality basic pieces which you can wear all the time, and it was time for me to update this part of my wardrobe. The basics are slightly higher prices than I would usually go for as it's easy for me to pick up £8 Topshop tees, however they are pieces which will last me years and are well worth parting with that extra bit of cash.

The white leather tee was definitely my fave, however although it was in the sale it was way out of my price range a week before pay day! All the stores have a minimal warehouse style interior which compliments the luxury basic style of the clothes perfectly. It's going to be hard not to spend all my money here and I have recently applied for a credit card which could be very dangerous!