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Summer Wedding.

| Dress, Bag and Shoes - Topshop |

So when customers and clients rush into work the day before a wedding and expect to find a beautiful outfit I always think what the hell are they thinking?! A wedding is a beautiful occasion and there is no better excuse to get dressed up and buy everything you possibly could to make yourself feel amazing. But the day before the wedding came and guess what? I didn't have an outfit. To be fair on myself I had already bought three different options - one dress which didn't fit as i'd stupidly risked buying it in petite, and another dress and jumpsuit from a certain online retailer beginning with "A" who'd managed to send me a wrong size and a faulty item. So I had to experience the day before panic I told myself I never would.

I was trying to avoid buying something from Topshop as it would have been nice to have a change and excitedly tell everyone my dress was from somewhere else, however this didn't end up being the case either. It was the last shop of the day I went in to, and its safe to say I can always rely on my trusty place of work to provide me with something I love. I had no luck until I looked in the sale - yes the sale. I do admit it felt very wrong taking my bargain sale find to the till to then wear to a wedding the next day, however if the shoe fits and this one managed to tick all the boxes. I'm not particularly a girl who wears your stereotypical bodycon dress, so I was looking for something a bit different which I knew would be different to everyone elses standard wedding attire. We'd previously had this dress in the shop a couple of months ago and I hadn't thought much of it with people telling me it didn't look great on, however as soon as I slipped it over my head I was in love. It looked classy and elegant but I still felt sexy with the subtle splits up the sides, and the pastel blue was perfect for a wedding.

As I have already managed to buy quite a few clothes this month already I was hoping not to have to buy any shoes, however my usual go to black styles looked too heavy for a wedding. But did I really need an excuse to buy these? The dress and shoes complimented each other so well and I ended up being over the moon that my first three options were a shambles. My clutch bag is the only thing I didn't buy for the day. I got this one around Christmas time and although the pictures don't do it justice, it has a white ponyhair flap on the front - again a bit different to the usual wedding style boxy clutch.

I got a lot of compliments throughout the day about my makeup and i'm very proud to say that I did it myself. As i'm very into my makeup and have a slight obsession with watching Desi Perkins YouTube tutorials I was confident I could do a good job myself. I was slightly wary about doing a black smokey eye as it is a fairly heavy look, however against the contrast of my elegant dress and shoes the whole look tied together nicely. I cannot rave enough about my favourite Nyx eyeshadow in the colour "LOL". It's a lovely bright orange summery colour which I seem to have used every day since I bought it, and its the perfect crease and transition shade for any look. I used a combination of four different eyeshadows - orange, two different shades of brown and a black to get the perfect gradient look. As my eyeshadow was fairly heavy I stuck to a nude lip and of course finished off the look with my favourite highlighter.

The wedding itself was beautiful and probably the best wedding I've ever attended. With my super comfy shoes (so glad I didn't go for a stiletto) I danced the night away and everyone got nicely merry. I've never been a huge fan of weddings - i'm not the most outgoing person so speaking to a mass of people I've never met before definitely intimidates me, however this beautiful day has definitely started to change my perception.