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Tacky or Classic?

Velvet Jacket - Topshop | T-shirt - Topshop | Denim Shorts - Vintage Levi | Heels - Primark

So this blog post is long overdue. I shot this outfit weeks ago and it's already been posted on the Topshop and my own Instagram, however I've hardly had chance to sit down with my laptop recently to post it properly. This is certainly one of my favourite recent looks and I absolutely love these images with the grungy location.

I was unsure of the reaction I would get from this blazer, however it has been a lot more positive than I thought from everyone. It was definitely an impulse buy, but these are often the best kind of purchases when you feel immediate love for something. I was in a hurry to find the last minute wedding outfit from a few posts ago when I stumbled across this and had to run to the till instantly. It isn't very often I do this. Moving to Manchester definitely decreased my disposable income so I have to be far more careful with the clothes I buy and make sure they are easy to wear regularly. However this is a statement piece which can be taken through to Autumn/Winter and it is a great buy for just £65.

The blazer is definitely a piece which could look distasteful if worn the wrong way. It is something which needs to be paired with minimal pieces to avoid it looking tacky, so I went with my go to option of denim shorts and a white tee. I wear white t-shirts far too often at the moment, however you can never go wrong with this look and i have found some great quality t-shirts recently in both Topshop and & other stories. If the green velvet isn't for you, swap the blazer for a more classic tone such as black, cream or nude and you still have the perfect transitional look which can be taken from day to night.