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How Not To Dress When It's Cold In London.

So believe it or not, this wasn't the most appropriate outfit for wearing when it's freezing outside. I'm one of those girls who's naïve enough to think I can battle the cold weather with bare legs, however after about 5 minutes outside it is a certainty that I'll regret my decision. I have a ridiculous hatred for tights and I've steered clear of them for as long as I can remember, so wearing a skirt (which I do a lot) may look nice but can bring a lot of discomfort. My aim of this blog post isn't to deter you from wearing skirts which is how it may appear so far. I have an ongoing love for getting my pins out, and it has become a bit of a trademark look for me along with my leather jacket. I can't claim that I'm the biggest fan of the appearance of my legs, however somehow wearing a short skirt makes me feel powerful like I can take on the world. That's all how we want to feel right?!

I've been dying to do a blog post with this skirt ever since I bought it a few weeks ago (painfully without my discount now I no longer work at Topshop). It isn't too dissimilar to one I've worn in a previous post from Zara, however if you find a style which you love stick to it - it will only make you feel good. Belts are definitely my go to accessory and I wear one with every outfit. They truly do add the finishing touch to any look, and with this skirt having an attached belt with a silver buckle I felt like it was designed with me in mind. No belt adjusting necessary! It's such a flattering shape with the wrap detail and asymmetric hem and it's perfect for any occasion. It's been a staple piece in my wardrobe for both casual wear and nights out, and with a plunge bodysuit and barely there heels it is a classy and easy-to-wear outfit for the evening.

The bag speaks for itself and I instantly knew I needed it in my life. For the bargain price of £19.99 in the Zara sale there was no way I was leaving without, it and it was the last one on the shelf - it was meant to be. I'm a sucker for animal print and monochrome, so the two combined are a dream come true. It also comes in leopard print which I was debating buying too, however this one was the one I was instantly drawn to. Again it's the perfect day to night accessory as it's small enough for a night out but comes with a longer strap for a more versatile bag during the day.

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All images by @jackmeredithelsworth