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Valentines day with Dr. Martens

When it comes to Valentines day you're either a lover or a hater, there doesn't seem to be much of an in between. It's safe to say that I've always been a fan, however that might be because I don't even remember the last Valentines day I was single. This year is an exception, however I'm still not feeling the hate which probably isn't the message I'm giving off by wearing this t-shirt. Buying me flowers and a moon pig card is the way to my heart at this time of year and I'm not afraid to admit that. Underneath my leather jackets and tattoos is a hopeless romantic (yes my favourite film is the notebook) and even though I might be slightly jealous of all the spoilt girls out there there's always wine and Netflix to ease the pain.

These shoes are from the Dr Martens Valentines Day collection and they're the cutest! It was hard to choose between these and the boot version, however these are definitely the more wearable of the two for me. They have also released heart shaped satchels for the occasion, but I loved the little pop of colour on these beauties. And who says they're just for Valentines day? Even though I'm wearing them proud for the day itself, I'll also be rocking them all year round. For me a statement shoe like this should be worn with a simplistic outfit - black jeans and a biker jacket or even a LBD when it gets a bit warmer.