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Valentines Red.

Jacket - Zara | Skirt - Asos | T-shirt - Asos | Boots - Ego | Bag - Zara

I've been so eager to shoot this jacket ever since I bought it and it's finally making an appearance. I actually bought it in the black Friday sale so it's a bit overdue, however the red seems fitting with Valentines day just around the corner. Another item to add to my PVC collection and it's my favourite so far. It's the best jacket when you feel like having a lazy day but still want to look fabulous. Just throw it over your favourite t-shirt and jeans combo and you immediately have a killer look.

The skirt and t-shirt are both from ASOS, and I'd usually pair the jacket with something a bit more subtle however the two ended up working really well together. I always try to convince myself to stay away from blogger favourites but they seem to find a way into my hands eventually, and this t-shirt was no exception. I've seen it on a million Instagram posts, but the red complimented the jacket perfectly so I couldn't resist. Leather skirts are my weakness and have been for years. When I worked at Topshop my uniform allowance was always used on the pricey leather pieces, and although this one isn't Topshop it's a great addition the my others and different to anything I already own.

This is going to be my first Valentines Day in a long time as a single lady. I'm a hopeless romantic so I always make the most of Valentines day when I'm in a relationship, however it's going to be spent with my favourite gal pals this year hopefully stuffing my face with greasy food. Making the most of the situation you're in is the way to go, so no one should get down about being alone this time of year. Embrace being an independent woman!