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Adidas NMD.

Dressing up trainers is the new thing, and it's a trend I hope sticks around for a while. Since leaving Topshop Personal Shopping and working in an office for an online fashion company I've been on a mission to find comfy yet fashionable pieces to add to my wardrobe. Nobody wants to sit at a desk in heels all day and lets be honest, it would be pretty pointless with the few people who would get to appreciate my outfit.

Joggers have been ticked off my list (twice) so now it was time to experiment with trainers, and these grey Adidas NMD's have certainly ticked all the boxes. 

I didn't own a pair of trainers until recently apart from the pair I wear to the gym, however my collection keeps growing. I was sent a pair of yellow Gola trainers for a collaboration and my views on wearing them outside the gym were instantly flipped. I've seen a lot of bloggers and influencers recently dressing down pretty summer dresses with trainers, and I have to say I'm a huge fan of this look. I definitely took inspiration from this for my outfit, however I went for more of a daytime look with a leather mini, white crop and denim jacket. If you look at people's feet when you walk down the street it's likely that the mojority are wearing trainers, however it's not very often you see a pair worn with a carefully thought out outfit which looks inspiring. With this blog post I wanted to show you how you can wear trainers stearing away from the typical gymwear or jeans and t-shirt combinations.

These Adidas NMD womens trainers from JD Sports take comfort to the next level, and it was a welcomed change from wearing boots 24/7. I didn't feel overly casual and it was the perfect outfit for a bit of shopping and visiting Manchester's coffee shops. The grey was a perfect match for my monochrome look, and the coffee breaks were out of choice rather than giving my feet a well needed break for once. This pair also come in black, and I can't wait to wear mine all summer teamed with little dresses and skirts.

 Trainers - JD Sports 
Top - Lola May 
Skirt - Zara
Jacket - Topshop Boutique

All images taken by Ema Crompton (@emacrompz)