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Dressing Up Your Baggy Jeans.

Jean fits are such a puzzling thing and finding the perfect fit for you can be time consuming and pretty annoying. We all have that one style from the same shop we go crawling back to over and over again when we've washed the last pair one too many times, but branching out and trying a new style can give you a new lease of life. I never thought I would wear a baggy fit jean again after my love for Avril Lavigne faded many years ago, but here I am rocking the trend I had a love hate relationship with back in school.

I remember when skinny jeans were just coming back into fashion. When i bought my first pair I was scared to leave the house in fear of being stared at, and now they are the go to item for anyone to throw on on a daily basis. I can't say that this baggy fit is going to catch on for everyone, but they're a great option for us bloggers who like to push the boundaries and look a bit different.

I wanted to show you all how you can dress up the most casual pair of jeans. Whenever I go on a night out or to an event where I need to look a bit nicer than usual I end up finding myself being drawn to my laptop screen frantically online shopping trying to find something new. But should I be doing this and is there a way to avoid it? As a blogger I'm constantly buying new items to wear on social media and my blog because lets face it, who wants to see an influencer digging out old clothes from the back of their wardrobe that no one can get their hands on anymore?

People choose what to wear based on different things. Sometimes they just have a whole outfit in mind but others choose individual pieces and base the rest of their outfit around this. Jeans are a great starting point, and although they are seen as a casual piece they really don't have to be. Obviously you wouldn't wear your old skinny jeans to a wedding, but for meals, nights out and events there's no reason why you can't dress up your denim.

I knew I needed to style these Missguided jeans as soon as I saw them, but what with was the big question. The obvious option for me was a cami bodysuit and heels, but this was how they were styled on the website and I wanted to be slightly more creative. I recently collaborated with Missguided for their prom campaign and this blazer was one of my options to style. It was still on my mind weeks later so obviously I had to go ahead and buy it. It seemed like the perfect option for this blog post as both pieces are a bit "different" but they compliment each other and the styles contrast perfectly. Although these jeans are super casual, I will only be wearing them dressed up myself. I will be staying well away from trainers and flats to avoid going for the skater look, but they're going to look amazing with my barely there heels and heeled boots.

Jeans - Missguided
Blazer - Missguided
Heels - Missguided
Bag - Zara