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Gucci Is That You?

I remember when I was younger and I first discovered designer brands, I could sit browsing the internet for hours trying to find a cheap alternative or dupe to the overly expensive items I was lusting after. I never had much success, however nowadays it seems a bit too easy to be able to recreate the designer looks everyone is after. Is it fair on the designer brands to copy their most wanted items and sell them for less than what you'd pay for a nice meal? Probably not. Is this stopping me from buying into the cheap alternatives? Not at all.

There is no way on this earth I would be able to afford to splash my cash on a nearly £700 pair of shoes even with working a full time job and blogging, so what other option is there for a girl who has expensive taste but just can't afford it? Gucci seems to be the brand to copy at the moment, and I'm certainly not complaining. They always produce timeless classics and pieces which everyone who is anyone is seen wearing, so when I came across these Gucci loafer dupes I couldn't believe my luck.

Unfortunately it took me longer than intended to get my hands on these. When I first saw them I was slightly unsure due to the fact I'm very rarely seen with anything on my feet apart from black boots, and when I made up my mind and had my heart set on owning them they were out of stock. I was heartbroken. Admittedly I have checked the website every single day to see if they had come back in stock, and a few days ago I was finally able to add them to my basket.

Unfortunately they aren't Gucci, but they'll definitely do!

Mules - Ego