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Fall In Love At JewelStreet.

If you look carefully at my posts you will see that I am not someone who changes their jewellery a lot. Many fashion bloggers splurge their money on poor quality high street jewellery in order to get that perfect blog post, however how often do they really wear these pieces again? As a fashion blogger it is important to perfect every tiny detail if possible, however if you already have a collection of jewellery which goes with every item of clothing then this issue dissapears and you have one less thing to worry about. The jewellery I wear on a daily basis rarely changes because I always go for quality rather than quantity and you will never see me without my cross and coin pendant around my neck. It wasn't particularly expensive and I picked each part of it up individually from market stalls and ebay, but once you find something you love why look elsewhere?

The only jewellery I seem to change occasionally is my earrings. I usually go for a pair of plain sterling silver hoops, and although these are a classic which look perfect with any outfit it is definitely nice to have a change. I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful pair of silver wolf disk earrings by Alexa K at JewelStreet and they have been a welcomed addition to my earring collection. I am not usually the kind of girl to go for dainty and delicate jewellery, so when I saw these I knew they were the ones for me. For me to invest in a piece of jewellery it has to have something special about it, and with the collection being inspired by the spirit guide the wolf and being aimed at strong, intuitive, and driven women there didn't need to be much work done to persuade me these were the next pair of earrings I was going to own.

You know you've invested in a good brand when you fall in love with the packaging too. I know this post is all about the earrings themselves, however the velvet drawstring bag with the wolf on the front was just too pretty not to get in the images. If you aren't keen on wolves then you will be now as every piece is so beautiful it would be hard not to find a piece which you love. Another big thing for me is that I only ever wear silver jewellery and watches. Many brands stick to one or the other which is very frustrating, and although many people mix the two that is not the look I go for. Alexa K is a brand which does both gold and silver pieces which i was over the moon about (insert wolf joke here), and I will definitely be investing in more pieces from the collection soon.