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The Lazy Blogger.

Working on both sides of blogging and social media has opened my eyes up to a whole range of different things. Many of you don't know that I work full time alongside blogging doing Blogger Outreach for an online fashion company (it isn't easy juggling both!) and I have to communicate with every kind of blogger imaginable. For me blogging is about my huge passion for clothes and creating amazing outfits to show my followers, however for many young girls who are trying to enter the blogging scene they want to become internet famous or make a lot of money by wearing a bodycon dress in their bedroom.

My job has opened up my eyes to different things and I have become quite opinionated about what I think it right and wrong in the blogging industry. One of the more questionable sides of blogging is bloggers who take their images indoors. No i don't mean in an instagramble restaurant with scandi interior and marbles floors, but girls who take pictures in their bedrooms or kitchens. Should these girls really get recognition for putting on clothes they've been sent to promote, wearing them in their bedroom with no styling or creativity involved whatsoever?

I am definitely contradicting myself in this post as it's visually full of images I have taken in my flat, however a plain white background can be the most effective for showing off outfit details. With natural lighting, a plain white wall and a good camera you are set up for taking your pictures indoors. Just to add I would never let this type of image dominate my Instagram feed, these are ALWAYS fill up images for me to show some detail and add variation.

This type of image always gets amazing engagement on my Instagram, so why don't i stick to this style? Since recently it has been my aim to be able to quit my job and do blogging full time, and for me part of the fun is going out on a shoot, having to get changed in public toilets and scouting the best locations.

It is much harder than you think to capture the perfect indoor image. It requires propping your phone on a tower of household objects, putting your phone on self timer and posing like an idiot infront of your flat mate, but once you get the perfect angle they do look really effective. Yes it is the lazy option for blogging however if you are looking for the perfect detail shot and the weather is bad then this is a great alternative. I do not appreciate "bloggers" who take their outfit pictures as mirror selfies in their bedrooms at night, however once you master the art of the indoor image you get a big thumbs up from me.

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