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Any of you who follow my Instagram will be fully aware that red is definitely my favourite colour at the moment and a pop of red makes a regular appearance. I can't say there are a huge amount of red items in my wardrobe, but I needed to venture away from red accessories and plunge into the deep end. I must have walked past and pondered about this dress on about 3 separate occasions, but I didn't know just how much I loved it until I tried it on which proves that you can't judge anything on the hanger. I'm usually the kind of girl to go for shorter lengths and get my pins out, but this dress is perfect for when I'm feeling a bit more modest and feminine throughout the summer.

The thought of whether the dress might be too feminine for me did cross my mind, however with my tattoos there is a nice balance between my inner girliness and harder exterior people judge me by. Even though I may not always look it I am 100% a girly girl so I do enjoy putting on a dress from time to time. I do admit it wasn't the comfiest dress in the world to wear and I don't particularly have the boobs to hold it up so there were nearly a few accidents, however with a bit of tit tape it would have been perfect. You know the outfit is a winner when you have men shouting things at you mid shoot (or not) and the colour of love did it's job to make me feel sexy.

I feel as though a red dress is something that any woman should have in their wardrobe, and who doesn't want to feel like a walking dancing emoji? Maybe just don't sit down in this one as sitting on a hot bus on the way to town didn't do wonders for the freshly ironed material. Stick to summer events, nights out or blog shoots as it did kind of look like I'd screwed it up in a ball on my floor and shoved it on without thinking in the morning. Nevertheless I do truly love the overall appearance of the dress and the shoes are to die for too.

Dress - New Look
Shoes - New Look
Bag - Topshop (old)