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Lux and Calor.

Homeware is either something I have on my mind 24/7 or never give a second thought to, but when you find a lovely new piece for your home it is certainly satisfying. There have been 3 times in my life when homeware has been a big thing - when I finally moved into the loft at home and both times I've moved flats since living in Manchester. Ok so not many people will see it (definitely not in my case as I have a none existent group of friends) but making a space your own gives you the comfort you need when you've had a long day.

I'm not the kind of gal to spend a fortune on homeware and just like with everything else, I love a good bargain. Ikea is my idea of heaven and I can spend hours in there planning my future kitchen then picking up unnecessary frames and plants at the end, but candles are always my weakness. There's nothing better or more relaxing than going home, putting the fairy lights on and lighting a few candles.

If you're looking for Jo Malone standard candles at a more affordable price then look no further than Lux and Calor. From now on it will be my go to place for candles and after smelling all of them I can safely say you need to invest in every one. My first one is Wild Fig and Casis and although I haven't lit it yet (it looks too pretty) there is a gorgeous fragrance around the room.

Another amazing reason to buy from Lux and Calor is that it is an independent business run by the most lovely couple. It begun through a shared love and desire to create something both elegant and enjoyable which still held on to a great sense of British traditionalism. I am a huge believer in supporting local businesses especially when the products are such amazing quality and you can guarantee your money will go back into putting love into a company which is cared about. Everything from the scent and the label to the packaging has been carefully thought about and it was a lovely surprise to open when I received it.

Shop all 5 scents here.