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Holidays - a time which should be relaxing but is the most stressful for bloggers. I can certainly say I didn't prepare very well in terms of clothes for this holiday, however it was my first real holiday since I have been blogging and this along with my lack of organisation skills didn't give me much hope. I was sat up the night before the flight frantically doing last minute misguided and PLT orders, and when I got there I had an "I brought my whole wardrobe but have nothing to wear" moment.

I do admittedly find it harder to dress myself in summer than I do in winter. I am definitely a big shearling coat and oversized knits girl rather than a pretty summers dress girl, so buying a mass of vest tops and bodysuits seemed appropriate at the time but I can't particularly say my holiday wardrobe was well thought out or exciting. I have learnt my lesson and next time there will be weeks of planning ahead.

This was mine and my mums second holiday abroad together, and even though we planned for sun I managed to take the Manchester rain with me and we were caught in a shower far more than we would have liked to be. Nevertheless it was lovely to have a break and spend some quality time with my favourite person, and we certainly deserved the break even if it didn't all turn out as planned.