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The Power Of Styling.

I'd been eyeing up this playsuit for a while on Nasty Gal so when they asked me to collaborate is was the perfect opportunity for me to get my hands on it. It's the perfect transitional piece to wear in Autumn when you can't quite bring yourself to admit it's jacket weather but it's too cold to have too much skin exposed. However, when it first arrived I definitely wasn't immediately sold. Admittedly I do tend to plan blog outfits late at night when I'm looking my worst so this probably didn't help the matter, but the immediate thought which entered my head was "Steve Irwin". Yes, I looked like I was about to hunt some crocodiles.

I was very disappointed, however I loved it so much on the site I was determined to make it work. The power of styling is an amazing thing, and it is something which everyone should take the time to consider. It's easy to just throw on your go-to pair of jeans and a t-shirt but true fashion lovers love a good challenge every now and then. I usually try and plan outfits in advance including shoes and accessories, but when something looks far different from what you expected outfits sometimes need a bit of tweaking.

Luckily I had done an ASOS order on the same day which included these Public Desire boots and leather beret, so I guess I had unintentionally planned this outfit anyway. I bought these two pieces as they're both amazing for styling, and I guess this proves they were money well spent. It isn't a look I imagined would work, but it definitely ended up being one of my favourites. Adding the final details to an outfit can make all the difference and can also give you that extra spring in your step which is needed sometimes.

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