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Black Friday with Illamasqua.

Makeup - sometimes I love it and sometimes I wish it didn't exist. Men really do have it so easy and although I do sometimes wish I could just roll out of my flat in the mornings without having to think about whether I had time to perfect my eyebrows or put on that winged eyeliner, I do admit I am partial to a makeup tutorial on Youtube. I am one of those girls who has the same makeup routine every morning, but I do like to mix it up a bit on a night out and I can't say no to a smokey eye when the occasion is right. I have teamed up with Illamasqua to create a makeup look with some of their hero products, and I think I might have just found myself a new morning routine.

Above products:

I do wear eyeshadow every day, and I like to stick to bronze, brown and gold shades especially when I am wearing fake tan. Neutral tones are always my go to, however I have never really tried a bolder, bright eye which is maybe something I can start experimenting with. Obviously when I opened this palette I was instantly drawn to the beautiful gold shade. I applied this all over my lid and blended it into the crease, applied some of the darker brown (top right) into the outer corners and then highlighted the inner corners with the pale shade in the top left. I was definitely impressed with the palette and how pigmented the shades were, and there are so many looks you could experiment with.

Annoyingly you can't see my highlighter in the pictures of my makeup look and unfortunately as I don't regularly blog about beauty products I do not have any kind of lighting equipment for this. If I could show you my reaction when I opened it you would be straight to the Illamasqua site to buy one yourself. There is a slight iridescent finish to it which isn't what I have previously gone for in a highlighter, but I am hooked! I finished the look with this gorgeous shade of pink lipstick and the Desire lashes. For the lipstick I applied it to the center of my lips and rubbed it in with my fingers to create a softer finish.

And the best thing about this blog post? You can get 30% off until tomorrow with code ELLEN30!