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The PVC Coat.

I have a love hate relationship with Autumn/Winter. The dark mornings and evenings make me want to stay in bed 24/7, the cold makes me hate being single and I can't wear skirts with bare legs which we all know I love doing, however coat shopping is always an exciting time of year. There are many crazy people who buy one staple coat a year, but I seem to always go overboard and have a mass of coats and nowhere to put them. A coat is a statement piece for each outfit you wear, and when you don't have a choice but to wear one you have to make sure you make the perfect choices when investing in them. Having one basic go to coat is crucial, but having fun with the rest makes winter a bit more bearable!

The coat that's been on everyones minds since last winter is the PVC coat. Whether you're into classic black or fancy going autumnal with burgundy tones, every high street shop sells them. I've been wanting to invest in one for my wardrobe since last year however was hesitant to take the plunge because 1. every single fashion lover in the world has one and 2. how often can you really wear a PVC coat without getting sick of the sight of it? I hadn't even tried one on but thought "fuck it" when I saw this version on New Look's website and I'm pretty happy I did. It may not be the cosy option you want to throw on every morning for comfort, but you will look killer and turn heads which is the main priority any day of the week.

I have seen so many different ways of wearing a PVC coat from clashing it with sportswear to wearing it to spruce up your go to jeans and t-shirt combination. From Bella Hadid to Lucy Williams, I have seen all my favourite style queens rocking PVC outerwear so I would have been stupid not to jump on the bandwagon. If you're a bit hesitant like I was, this New Look version is an affordable option at just £45 and totally worth every penny.  These grey checked trousers are part of a suit I wore in an Instagram post last month (also from New Look) and they are SO easy to throw on with anything, so naturally they were the first option to pair with my new coat.

PVC coat - New Look
Grey Check Trousers - New Look (Similar here)
T-shirt - Mango (Similar here)
Beret - Asos
Boots - Dorothy Perkins (Similar here)
Bag - Bershka