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The Only Thing I Bought This Black Friday.

I fucking love a good bargain (I think I got that from my Dad), however most of you may not think the main subject of this post was particularly a bargain. Not a bargain as such but an investment piece. You may be aware that leather jackets are my go-to when I comes to outerwear, and I think I currently own about 6 of them. Finding the perfect leather jacket is like finding the right man - sometimes you have to try it on a few times to realise it just isn't the one for you and you continue your search, but when you find the right one you just HAVE to have it. My leather jackets have to be genuine leather of course as I seem to have developed into a leather jacket snob, and for as long as I can remember I have been lusting after the ones in Allsaints. Acne Studios would always be my first option, however Allsaints is not far behind with a far more affordable price tag.

So guess what I treated myself to on Black Friday? This badass mother fuckin' oversized Allsaints jacket! I was majorly torn between the classic Balfern and this oversized style. I already have ones which are fairly similar to both, however they both look a bit too worn and scruffy so I was in need of an update. It was the power of Instagram which swayed me towards this one, as one of my all time favourite influencers @josephinehj  kept wearing a very similar fit around the time I bought it and I was obsessed. The oversized fit and longer length means it will be great for layering in winter (I need to be able to wear my leathers all year round) and there is just more of an effortlessly cool feel to it than the fitted style of the Balfern.

I am actually pretty proud to say that this is the only thing I bought in the Black Friday sales. It is usually a time when I would mass buy due to the ridiculous discounts everywhere, however that has always resulted in me buying a lot of things I don't actually want/need and I end up returning the majority of it. I probably spent the same amount of money (or more) that I would have if I had panic bought from every brand with discount I could think of, however this is a timeless classic piece I will have in my wardrobe for years. Does this mean I'm an adult now?! The jacket is actually £420, however with the 30% off everything at Allsaints on Black Friday I managed to pick it up for £294. More than I have ever spent on any item of clothing in my life, but so worth it and how could I resist?!

Leather jacket - Allsaints
Stripe T-shirt - Pretty Little Thing
Stripe Flare Trousers - Pretty Little Thing

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