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2018 - The Year of Being Selfish.

To say the least, 2017 was a massive shit storm of a year. One thing after another happened to well and truly make it the worst year of my life I have and probably will ever experience. With a lot of tears, mistakes, decisions and worrying there were very few positives I could actually take away from the year, so things can surely only get better in 2018. I'm sat here writing this blog post after a very shitty Monday of questioning what I might have done wrong, and in my head I can only wonder why we aim to please other people so much when they only ultimately let us down in the end. The feeling of not being good enough is something which any human should never have to face, and if anyone makes you feel like that then are they really worth it? I didn't make any New Years resolutions other than to put far more effort into my blogging, but if it isn't too late to make one now I am going to aim to be more selfish.

There are so many things we do for or to please other people on a daily basis which I am starting to become really observant of, and one thing I have started to do more and more recently is to dress for other people. I'm a worrier and always have been, so when I get dressed in the morning the question at the front of my mind is always what will other people think? It doesn't take a genius to understand this is probably the worst mind set for a fashion blogger to have, but I still find myself being drawn to boring t-shirt and jean combinations when I am making that decision at the start of my day. I think this could partly be because I work in a place with a lot of males, and what girl doesn't want to look good? So on Sunday when I shot this look I well and truly wanted to be me. I miss wearing hats all the time, I love Vinyl, these boots make me feel super sassy and even though this is probably a super man-repelling outfit I really didn't care.

There are many lessons I learnt throughout 2017, and even though I might be feeling vulnerable today I know I have come through to 2018 a much stronger person than I ever have been. A year ago I never would have thought my life would be the way it is now, and although I would do anything to turn back time I am looking forward to what's to come for the first time in what feels like forever. I have just made one of the biggest decisions of my life (and spend a lot of money doing so), and this is giving me the confidence to well and truly get my life back on track and make myself happy again. There are many words of advice I could give you all reading this blog, so if you take anything from reading this morbid essay it will be this...

  • If you hate your job and the people you work with, quit. Make it your aim in life to work in a job that feels like a hobby.
  • Surprise yourself every once in a while. Whether it be going above and beyond at work to show people your worth, getting up at the crack of dawn to go the gym, or even just getting out of bed on a Sunday to be more productive than usual - it gives you a great feeling of satisfaction.
  • If you aren't happy, do something about it. Over the last few years I have learnt a lot about relationships, living situations and work environments which hasn't always been so fun along the way. Only you can change your happiness.
  • Treat yourself. I think it is a known fact that I "treat myself" far too often when it comes to clothes but life is too short so why the hell not.
  • Always know that things could be worse. This is the hardest thing to tell ourselves especially when we are feeling at our lowest, but I can guarantee that things will only get better.

Faux Fur Coat - Pretty Little Thing
Stripe T-shirt - Pretty Little Thing
Vinyl Trousers - Old Topshop (Similar here)
Sunglasses - ASOS
Beret - Pretty Little Thing (Similar here)

Photography by @raych_heath