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London Fashion Week.

I have had the intention of writing this blog post for the past week since I arrived back in Manchester after London Fashion Week, however my life seems to be all go at the moment and there is rarely a night I have the opportunity to sit down and write blog content. Saying this, I don't know how many of you actually take the time to read blogs anymore but sometimes it is nice to give you all a little life update. I have seen a few other bloggers publishing post fashion week blog posts, and to be honest it seems as though everyone has the same opinion - is it really worth attending anymore? It completely depends on your intentions of going, and if you take everything with a pinch of salt you will probably have an amazing time.

This is the second Fashion Week I have attended, and for me the main reason I take the time to go is for the inspiration. I find myself going through periods where I feel extremely uninspired by what is sold on the high street and also what I see on social media, so I guess you could say LFW is a bit of a creative re-boot for me. I am hugely into street style and take a lot of inspiration from this, so to see these amazing outfits in the flesh really does get my mind working and creativity flowing again. The majority of outfits I find myself lusting after are high-end designer pieces, however taking inspiration from how different pieces styled together is really refreshing.

So what was my overall experience of LFW like? To be honest I was pretty anxious about this fashion week as I booked to go by myself, so the world was definitely my oyster and anything could have happened. I have never particularly done anything like that before as the fear of being lonely usually takes over, but I was pleasantly surprised by my experience of doing this and it felt liberating. One of my best friends Jack lives in London, however although we hadn't really pre-planned doing anything I ended up seeing him every day I was there. I genuinely couldn't have asked for better company! We had a cute little date night which involved reduced sausage rolls from Tesco, a very long walk along the river and of course alcohol.

My first day (Friday) was definitely the busiest and probably my favourite day. I had a fashion film shoot with accessorize in the morning (click here to watch the video), and a shoot with New Look in the afternoon followed by coffee with some of the other New Look influencers. This was another favourite part of my experience, it was amazing to meet some of the girls I speak to on Instagram on a regular basis and they were all as lovely as I thought they would be. Over the space of the next few days I attended a few shows (Ashish was hands down my favourite), met up with more influencers, got drunk, visited the showrooms, went shopping and generally just had an amazing time.

If I'm being completely honest attending shows can get a little bit boring and repetitive. I know this is the whole point of Fashion Week, however for anyone thinking about going I would advise keeping the shows to a minimal. Attend the shows of the designers you are genuinely passionate about if you are lucky enough to get an invite, however overdoing it can take away the magic from something which is supposed to be an amazing experience. This is one of the reasons I broke my weekend up and keeping a balance of work and socialising was really important to me.

Choosing what to wear for Fashion Week is genuinely one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. There is SO much pressure to look amazing every day and you are competing with thousands of other bloggers and fashion professionals to steal the spotlight. I know people say (including me) that you should stay true to yourself and wear whatever the fuck you want to wear, however this is much easier said than done around this time of year. There are days at Fashion Week where you will leave the house feeling amazing, however the moment you see someone wearing an outfit which is better than yours and street style photographers don't want to photograph you it all goes downhill and all you can think about is what you could have worn instead. This is why I usually end up coming back with double the amount of clothes I arrived with, it is a lifesaver that Oxford Street is just a short tube ride away!

I have mainly read negative things from bloggers about LFW over the last week and a lot of people I spoke to beforehand decided not to go at all this season. Like I mentioned earlier, not taking on too much whilst you are there means you can sit back and enjoy the experience for what it is. There were negative parts to my week such as my feet being in pain from wearing heeled boots, not having anyone to take my pictures as I went on my own and it can just be very tiring in general, but overall I had just as much of an amazing time as last year and I will definitely be going back next season.