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Always Stay True To Yourself.

Staying true to yourself whether it be your style, your career, your friends or any aspect of your life is the most important thing you can do. As a blogger and influencer it isn't always easy to remember to be yourself when you are surrounded by competition and constantly see other girls/pictures which make you envious. I find myself being inspired by other people's content and imagery on a daily basis, however being aware of who you are and want to be as a person is crucial. Yes you might buy that outfit because you saw someone else wearing it, but making it your own is key. You don't climb to the top by copying or being someone you're not as it will soon get boring. I have learnt some very valuable lessons recently by putting myself in situations I wouldn't usually, but sometimes you have to do this in order to realise who the real you actually is.

So a few things have happened recently which really got me thinking about who I want to be and who I am as a person. I recently went to an event and I was surrounded by a room full of people I have absolutely nothing in common with. In this situation I would usually want the ground to swallow me whole and for me to just disappear, however this time I just embraced the fact I was different, spoke to whoever had time for me and enjoyed the evening the best I could knowing I wouldn't have to do it again. Yes I felt extremely uncomfortable for the majority of the night but as I mentioned it taught me a valuable lesson. I have made a point of saying yes to more opportunities this year and I have seen my confidence grow in leaps and bounds because of it, however there is definitely a line between embracing opportunities and doing things which aren't you. The big lesson learnt was that I don't have to say yes to everything and I am so happy that I went because of this.

Staying true to my style has also been a big thing I have started to focus on this year which I think I touched on in a previous blog post. A few months ago I started to feel very uninspired by fashion and the trends at the time and maybe that's just because I was going through a busy period in my life, however I found myself dressing really boring and not wearing things because I wanted to. There was no effort put into the way I dressed and I found myself taking Instagram and blog pictured because I felt like I had to. Luckily I got out of this phase pretty quickly and I am feeling more motivated than ever to create inspiring outfits and content. I've got to a stage where I feel proud of my Instagram aesthetic, I get to work with some amazing people and brands and the vision I have is really shining through. If only I had more time to put into my blogging and photography as I have some real visions of what I want to create and how to continue from here.

Unfortunately nowadays we all get sucked into the world of social media and Instagram and we are never really truly happy with who we are as a person. We always take notice of our flaws which other people probably don't realise are there, we judge and compare ourselves to other people and we constantly want to be better. I am definitely someone who is guilty of constantly refreshing their Instagram to check how many likes I have on my most recent picture and it is a horrible world we have become obsessed with. If you are trying to be a blogger or an influencer for the fame, money or to impress other people then you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Although I do work with certain brands on a regular basis and this can become restricting when choosing items which go with your own personal style, I have come to a point where I don't take on collaborations with brands I don't like because it is a waste of time and neither me or them will benefit from it. My Instagram has become a place which is a true reflection of me and my style.

This skirt has got to be one of my favourite new additions to my wardrobe. I bought this to wear for a shoot I did with Accessorize at LFW and can you believe it was only £25.99?! It is very rare that I use a piece twice when I am shooting especially if it is such a statement piece like this, however I loved it so much it needed to make another appearance. This was a bit of a last minute shoot so I hadn't particularly planned an outfit in advance anyway, but sometimes it is nice to shoot things for your own personal benefit that isn't classed as "work". I have to say these are definitely one of my favourite sets of pictures I have ever had taken!

Skirt - Zara
Jumper - New Look
Leather Jacket - All Saints
Boots -  Mango

Photography by @d_watso