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Spring Wish List.

After the horrendously cold weather last week I can well and truly say I am ready for Spring. I never will be a Winter person, and although I do love coat shopping I hate the restrictions you have to make in your wardrobe in order to not freeze. Light jackets and layering are a big favourite of mine, so I'm ready to make those exciting changes to my wardrobe and pack away the winters warmers. Like usual I have a wish list longer than my arm, however here are a few trends I will be welcoming with open arms throughout Spring.

Ugly Trainers
So it is undeniable that ugly trainers are in the spotlight in a big way at the moment, and I unashamedly love them. Balenciaga Triple S's are without a doubt at the top of my will-never-be-able-to-afford wish list, however the high street has finally caught on and there are some amazing dupes available for us girls who aren't super rich to get their hands on. I took the plunge and bought some Fila Disruptors and I have never looked back since. The chunkier the better I say!

Trench Coats/Macs
The trench coat trend is one which never truly goes out of fashion, however it is one I have never actually delved into before. I constantly see fashion bloggers, girls on Instagram and just cool girls in the street wearing trench coats and Macs but I always had the image in my head that they wouldn't suit me. My leather jacket is my staple go to piece in my wardrobe so a trench coat always seemed a bit too "mumsy" for my liking, however I actually bought one from New Look recently and I am well and truly sold. There are some great ones on the high street at the moment especially in & other stories, and I think there might be another trench coat shaped hole or two in my wardrobe waiting to be filled...

You may have all seen a few killer suits posted on my Instagram over the last few weeks and I can't get enough of them. I bought the suit above from NA-KD fashion for London Fashion Week and it is one of my favourite outfits I have ever posted. I was slightly unsure when it first arrived, however layering is key and my leather jacket completely transformed the outfit into something a bit more head-turning. My initial thought was to pair it with my Fila Disruptors (I still plan to do this), however LFW called for something a little more classy. I have since bought another black suit from Missguided and I might have a few more in the pipeline!