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The Truth About Blogging.

I've seen many influencers approach the topic of the truth behind blogging before, and whether you do it as a career or a hobby it certainly isn't easy. Yes, from the outside it appears we have amazing social lives going out on a daily basis and we just so happen to be wearing an amazing outfit whilst doing so, however (in my case anyway) this couldn't be further from the truth. Don't get me wrong I love doing it and there are many perks, but the world of blogging is very different behind the scenes and it is much harder than you think to get that perfect shot.

I guess if you make it to the stage where you can take the career path of blogging it might be slightly different. At the moment I still work a full time job so unfortunately I have a very limited amount of time to create content for both my blog and Instagram (hence why I very rarely post on here). Scheduled posts? Yes they're great for brands, but the unpredictable rainy Manchester weather makes it not so great for me...

I do sometimes still live in a dreamworld where I take a step back and think "why would brands want to send me clothes?". I can't say I have ever thought very highly of myself, so I do feel very privileged every time a brand I love contacts me but I am definitely a perfectionist when it comes to my feed and content so time is a killer. I work Monday - Friday, a lot of my evenings are spent planning outfits and ordering clothes, and then a big chunk of my weekends is taken up by shooting with photographers and creating my own content to ensure I have enough imagery to post throughout the week. Yes, it is stressful but hopefully well worth it in the end!

I am not one of those girls who is satisfied with a mirror selfie (even though the lighting in H&M's fitting rooms is perfection) so shooting at the weekend involves location planning, taking a million pictures of one outfit to get that perfect shot, and then finding a cafe or a secluded alley to get changed in. I have had to do many swift top changes in hidden doorways and back streets, but everyone has seen a girl in a bra before right?

A huge part of blogging and being an "influencer" for me is relying on other people. People often ask me who takes my pictures, and although there are a handful of amazing photographers I work with from time to time, my mum is an absolute saviour for getting the train 60 miles from Lancaster to Manchester to help me out. Yes it is great when you're out with friends who are willing to take pictures for you, but that certainly isn't very reliable when you have deadlines to meet and brands to please. I would say 80% of my Instagram feed is made up of pictures taken by my mum, and I can honestly say she does an amazing job and I am hugely grateful! (These pictures are a great example)

So if it is so stressful why do I choose to do it? Even though I haven't particular sounded very convincing in the first part of this blog post, I am hugely passionate about what I do. I studied Fashion Styling and Photography at University and unfortunately I didn't put the time and effort needed into making a career out of styling so I guess this is a great alternative. If someone asked me what I am most passionate about in life it would have to be Fashion and clothes. I know that will sound ridiculous to some people, but experimenting with styles and the feeling you get when you put the perfect outfit together is amazing! So why not share this with everyone?

It was never my intention to become an "influencer" and even though I started my blog years ago just after uni, I never thought in a million years I would get where I am today. Through working in Topshop Personal Shopping I built up a fairly decent following and brands started to contact me about promoting their clothes and I have continued to grow ever since. Hitting 20k on Instagram was a huge milestone for me and although there are some influencers who get to this point a lot quicker than I have, I am still so proud of where I have got to today!

And just a little note about my outfit - these wide leg jeans are definitely my new favourite fit. They hug your bum perfectly and make your legs look super long, what more could you ask for?! And I also love rediscovering old pieces in my wardrobe. I have had this vintage leather jacket for years and I will always love it as much as the day I bought it!

Leather Jacket - Vintage
Wide Leg Jeans - Miss Selfridge
Bag - Zara (Similar here)
Hat - Asos (Similar here)