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Out With The Old and In With The New: Converse One Star.

It's so easy to fall into habits in all aspects of life. What we wear, where we shop, what we eat and so many more things, and although this certainly isn't always a negative thing, change is also very welcoming. I have gone through many changes in my life recently both good and bad, but life is about learning and becoming stronger as a person. You'll probably all be happy to know that this blog post isn't another life lesson from Ellen, and the change of habit I am talking about is actually my shoes. I have been after a pair of Converse One Star's for months now. The choice of colours was holding me back as I am definitely not the best at making decisions (and they of course come in some amazing colours), but you can never go wrong with classic black and I finally have my hands on some from JD Sports.

I remember the first time I saw a pair of Converse All Stars when I was at primary school, and I didn't know anyone else who owned a pair but I loved them. I was never really one for following the crowd at school anyway, and my first pair were red high tops. I still have the same pair today and they are still going strong! For the past few years I have religiously worn my black Converse All Star high tops whether it be for work, instagram pictures, weekend shopping etc, i literally find any excuse I can to wear them. But is there a new classic trainer in the mix? Converse One Star's are the new "it" shoe, and I am a huge fan. I'm sorry to say, but my All Star's might be taking a back seat for a while!

Trainers and casual shoes can easily throw me off, so I have to style them in the right way to feel comfortable. Yes if i'm feeling lazy there is nothing better than throwing on some blue jeans, a white t-shirt and my classic converse, bur styling definitely does make all the difference. I got it into my head that trainers had to be casual, but they are a great tool for dressing down a smarter outfit for a happy medium. I'd actually planned to shoot this look with a pair of black heeled boots, but doesn't it look so much cooler with my One Star's?!

The whole wearing trainers with skirts and dresses look has really taken off over the past year, and I am a huge fan. Trainers are now more than accepted as a vital part of any fashion lovers wardrobe, and they give us the ability to wear our dressier items of clothing during the day. The contrast of feminine and masculine, and dressy and casual has really reinvented the way we think about our outfits and style ourselves on a daily basis, and there really are no limits! I can't say I overly thought outside of the box with this outfit, but I am always a fan of a classic look and my converse gave it the edge I was looking for.

This blog post is in collaboration with JD Sports.