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Cargo Shorts - Day To Night.

2018 is a time where clothes are extremely accessible, and it is actually unbelievable how cheap you can pick up items from fast fashion sites. It is certainly a "throw away" society which we live in, but clothes are becoming uninspiring and losing meaning. Yes, I am a victim of buying items and wearing them once (sometimes just to shoot in), but if I'm being completely honest I find it very hard to find pieces I am truly happy with and want to keep in my wardrobe for a long time. Being able to buy a whole new outfit for £30 for a night out is great, but feeling connected to what you are wearing and wanting to wear something time and time again is important.

This week I have found myself spending hundreds of pounds on clothes, and I feel like I have absolutely nothing to show for it. The feeling of excitement when you buy something new is amazing, but there is nothing from the pile of clothes laid on the end of my bed that I'm itching to wear. Yes they might look good on Instagram, but in reality are they going to end up just sitting in my wardrobe? Quality really is important for me, and as a blogger and influencer who naturally buys a lot of clothes I am slowly learning that quality is definitely better than quantity.

I have spoken about this many times before, but investing in pieces you can wear in many different ways is so important for your wardrobe. My top three essentials would be a black blazer, blue straight leg jeans and a white t-shirt, but pieces you can wear on different occasions don't have to be basic. Cargo shorts have been huge this summer, and admittedly I am jumping on the bandwagon a bit late but they are definitely a piece I have enjoyed styling. I got these from I.AM.GIA which is one of my favourite Australian brands, and I have styled them in two different ways (day to night).

I do still find it hard to feel comfortable in trainers, especially in my Instagram and blog pictures, but the Adidas Yung 1's are a great alternative if you can't afford designer trainers. They look expensive but they don't carry the ridiculous price tag, and the colours go perfectly with my shorts. I did originally style this outfit with my Dr. Martens, however there was definitely the risk of looking like Lara Croft's doppelgänger so I opted for a cooler, more statement option to add a pop of colour.

Shorts - I.AM.GIA
T-shirt - Vintage (Similar here)
Trainers - Adidas

I went through a stage in my life where I would choose style over comfort, however you don't have to compromise either especially now trainers are around in such a big way.

Night time/going out dressing is always a bit of a difficult one for me. It's pretty rare for me to get super dressed up so I have to find that happy medium of not feeling underdressed but also sticking to my own style. Blazers are always my go to when going out, but to be honest they are perfect for any occasion. I have had this Missguided blazer for around a year now and I have worn it so much that nearly all of the buttons have fallen off (yes, i think its time to invest in a new one). I wear it to work with a white tee, blue jeans and converse, and my usual going out go-to look is denim shorts, a bodysuit, strappy heels and my trustworthy blazer. It's great to mix things up a bit sometimes, and although I am still wearing shorts the cargo style is a completely different look I've never tried before.

The black blazer ties in perfectly with the belt and the boots, and the high necked bodysuit keeps all the attention on my legs which is what I want from a night out outfit! This is a great look for an evening dinner or drinks, however I would probably swap the boots for a strappy heel for a night out. I have noticed a lot recently that the life span of my clothes is very short as I get bored of things far too quickly, but taking the time to really delve into your wardrobe and style things with items you forgot you had is a breath of fresh air and can help you see things in a different perspective. Admittedly I don't leave enough time in the mornings to do this as my bed is always a priority, however a bit of planning in advance could actually save you a lot of money.

Shorts - I.AM.GIA
Blazer - Missguided (Similar here)
Boots - Mango (old)
Bag - Asos