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Autumn Boot Wish List.

I think it is obvious to anyone who is familiar with my blog and Instagram that i have a not so small and very expensive obsession with boots. I have tried many times to wear different footwear, however most of the time i'm unsuccessful and another pair of boots come along which i fall in love with. It has come round to that annoying transitional period where everyone is in a style rut not knowing what weather to dress for, however sunshine or rain it is likely i will have a pair of boots glued to my feet. Many of you will have seen these (unfortunately sold out) snakeskin boots on my Instagram stories, however I have put together a selection of my favourite styles for you which are available on the high street at the moment. I may or may not have bought a lot of them already. Outfit posts pending...

Animal Print
There are two styles of boots on my mind this season - western boots and animal print boots. Animal print is probably the biggest trend around at the moment with every fashion brand imaginable selling every kind of animal print imaginable. I have to admit I have been fully sucked into this trend with snake print and leopard print being my guilty pleasure, and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that this trend is going to be around for a while. My new Zara babies are my pride and joy, and i plan to wear them with skinnies and band tees throughout Autumn.

Western Boots
My love for western boots hasn't started recently. I bought a pair of cowboy boots on eBay a few years ago to wear to a festival and the obsession has continued to grow since. Topshop sold some amazing metal toe western boots last year, and their selection hasn't disappointed this year either. Floral dresses paired perfectly with western boots in Summer, but now we're transitioning into autumn I will be dressing them down with straight leg jeans, and holding onto the days where i can just about wear bear legs with animal print and silk midi skirts.

Here are a selection of my favourite western and animal print boots below. Happy shopping!