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Transitional Dressing - Hello Beret Season!

Happy Sunday evening everyone (or as happy as it can be)! Yes, it's that time of the weekend when everyone wishes weekends were three days long, but what better way to end it than watching shitty rom coms on Netflix and eating my own bodyweight in pasta. I think it's safe to say that Noah Centineo is everyone's biggest crush at the moment, and with his new film "Sarah Burgess is a Loser" on Netflix, I definitely knew what my plans were going to be this evening! My weekends rarely feel long enough nowadays, but this weekend was the beginning of transitional dressing and although I am longing for Summer to stick around a little longer, it was nice to finally do a bit of layering and dig out my trusted beret from the back of my wardrobe.

I can't quite bring myself to get my coats out of my storage cupboard yet, but there are many things I love about Autumn:

- I can comfortably wear my leather jacket again without breaking a sweat. My leather jacket is the signature piece in my wardrobe, and I'm sure if you asked my friends what piece of clothing they would associate me with it would definitely be that.

- Not having to bother with tanning as much. The process of putting on your tan, taking if off and immediately putting another layer on again definitely gets tiresome throughout the summer months, so not having to worry about having perfectly bronzed pins every day is going to be a breath of fresh air.

- Feeling cozy. Not quite as cosy as Winter, but the knitwear shopping can begin! Cosy knits with midi skirts and boots is going to be my go-to look throughout Autumn, and I'm on the hunt for the perfect pieces.

Prints have definitely taken over my wardrobe recently, and I may have acquired a slight unhealthy obsession with animal print. Zebra print, Snake print and leopard print in the form of shirts, skirts and accessories have made it to the top of my most worn pieces. However, for once the print I was wearing today was slightly different. I've seen this blazer pop up on my Instagram a few times over the last few months but I was never successful in finding it until the other day when H&M launched their new Studio collection. It is hands down the most unusual print I have ever seen used on a blazer, and I couldn't have clicked the checkout button any faster. I did however sneak some snake print into the mix with my new Zara boots (seen in my last post).

This is the first piece I have bought which has really felt autumnal, and once again it is a piece I can style in so many ways. Denim shorts, a black vest and heeled boots made the perfect night outfit on Saturday night, however paired with a cream denim skirt and my snakeskin boots gave a more casual autumnal feel. Pernille Tiesbaek styled hers perfectly with a simply pair of black tailored trousers and court shoes, and I can't wait to try this look out myself! It is my Birthday coming up this week, so it would be rude not to wear it again!

Blazer - H&M
Skirt - Zara
Top - Bershka
Boots - Zara