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The Best High Street Winter Coats.

Even though just weeks ago I was complaining about how I didn't want Summer to end, coat shopping is without a doubt one of my favourite (but most expensive) times of the year. I am one of those idiots who thinks they need a brand spanking new outfit for every occasion under the sun, however I am definitely trying my best to change this since watching Stacey Dooley's "Fashion's Dirty Secrets"! I 100% recommend watching this if you haven't already! Although coat's aren't particularly pieces for "events" as such, it is the most dominant part of your outfit throughout winter, so having a million options is essential if you want to keep your fashion reputation going. I mean... who wants to be seen wearing the same thing 2 days in a row?!

I say this, however having a classic coat in your collection which goes with everything is a must. There is nothing worse than buying a brand new outfit and then getting home to realise your favourite coat looks terrible over the top, so in comes the classic coat - a staple for any sensible persons wardrobe. Apparently I wasn't sensible until this year as I don't think I have actually owned a smart black coat since High School! But it was definitely a worthwhile investment and I have worn it time and time again since adding it to the collection. Investment I say, however it was actually a bargain at under £55! So if you are in need of adding the perfect staple coat to your wardrobe look no further because I have found the best on the high street for you.

You're welcome xxx

My Outfit:

Coat - New Look
Trousers - Primark
Top - Loavies
Boots - Office