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Let's talk denim!
I have thoroughly enjoyed building my denim collection over the years and there are so many amazing styles and fits out there nowadays. I remember 10 years ago when it was only cool to wear skinny jeans, but now you can really express your personal style and build staple outfits with the jeans you choose to add to your wardrobe.
Monki have been one of my favourite brands for denim for a while now, and they have very kindly sponsored this blog post. Not only this, but they currently have 20% off all denim jeans in store and online from Friday 21st February until Sunday 1st March. Happy shopping!

Below are three outfits I have pulled together with some of my favourite style jeans from Monki.

Taiki off-white jeans (click to shop)
Having a cream or white pair of jeans in your wardrobe is a must! They are perfect for taking into Spring and Summer, however you don't have to restrict yourself to wearing them in the warmer months. I do find myself wearing a lot of black and darker colours throughout winter, however it can actually be a big mood lifter wearing lighter colours (definitely needed the majority of the time in rainy Manchester) and I have been wearing a lot of neutral tones over the last few months.

Cream/white jeans are just as easy to wear as black apart from giving you major anxiety about spilling your lunch on them if you're anything like me. If you're someone who wears a lot of colour a lighter jean makes colours pop, but if you wear a lot of black like me they add a bit more interested to your outfit without stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Kimomo Black Jeans (click to shop)
These are definitely the most wearable pair of the three, and the perfect black jeans which will literally go with anything in your wardrobe. These jeans tick two boxes for me - the perfect black wash and the perfect fit. I never reach for a skinny jean nowadays but it is nice to own a tighter fit, and these are somewhere between a skinny jean and a mom jean which is very hard to find!

I'm not going to lie, I wear black jeans 90% of the time as they are so easy to style. I tend to focus more on my outerwear as the statement piece in my looks, however these are a pair of jeans which deserve some attention too as they are such a classic. Finding the perfect every day jeans for your size and body shape is so important and I have definitely found mine.

Taiki jeans light blue (click to shop)
So I loved the Taiki style so much I got them in two colours. Admittedly I used to hate wearing blue jeans as I always feel very causal when I wear them, but learning to style them the right way can really make a statement. I have a lot of classic cuts and staple pieces in my wardrobe which are great for mixing and matching, and these jeans look great with so many pieces I own so they were a welcome addition to my wardrobe.

As I'm not someone who wears a huge amount of colour I would always wear whites, greys and blacks with blue jeans keeping the look very minimal. Again these are the perfect jeans for taking into the Spring/Summer months too!