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Feeling Lost But That's OK

I have to say I have felt a bit lost for a while now in many different ways. I can’t say this is having a huge impact on me negatively as it’s ok to feel like that sometimes, and I have a feeling this will all change for the better very soon. My blog used to be a place I would use to showcase my outfits but also spill my guts if I didn’t fancy saying things out loud, and to be honest my blog has been very absent with only a few posts going live in the last few years. I used to love posting on here, however my writing creativity vanished and I found more excitement in taking pictures and styling rather than sitting down to write essays. After feeling inspired again by reading other peoples blogs, it is my mission to be more active on here talking to you about my favourite fashion finds and anything you might find useful! Also can we just talk about how many pictures are wasted from my shoots? When I shoot an outfit on average I take around 500 pictures (ridiculous I know but I have a habit of getting carried away!), so this is a great excuse to show you the pictures which don’t make it to the gram.

I won’t talk about anything too personal in this blog post as it’s probably not what you’re here for, but one way I have felt lost is through my Instagram. It might sound stupid and isn’t something which would be obvious if you are a regular on my feed and stories, but I got to a point where I was pretty unhappy with my content! I was looking at my favourite influencers feeds and comparing mine to theirs - why did mine not look like that? To be honest I don’t think my followers are as engaged with my content when it looks how I want it to and my favourite pieces of content often receive the least engagement, but I am getting to a place where I accept this is ok and if I like it then it doesn’t matter.

Time is a big thing for me - specifically my lack of it. Working a full time job and also working with brands for my own social media can be a struggle but hopefully very worth it in the end! I may have a lack of free time, however I have found that putting in that extra little bit of time can make the world of difference. I have a habit of waking up on a Saturday morning with no idea what I want to shoot, and I end up quickly pulling outfits together I may not necessarily be happy with. I studied fashion styling at uni and I want this to be reflected in my content! I made some moods boards a few weeks ago, have been more forward planning with my outfits and have been more picky with my locations and guess what? I am finally happy with my content!

I also very regularly find myself getting lost with my style but I’m starting to have an “if it isn’t broken then why fix it” approach to the way I dress. I love blazers, I love leather, I don’t wear much colour or prints, I REALLY love neutrals and beiges at the moment and I am a boot girl through and through. Experimenting with your style can be fun and beneficial in many ways, but I have my comforts and I love to stick to them! That does however get a bit boring and pulling out similar pieces over and over again doesn’t feel very creative. With the sustainability issues in fashion it is constantly on my mind to try and cut down the amount of clothes I buy, so it experimenting really a good idea any more? I may have still been buying, but my favourite things have been the classics - a Topshop trench coat, a faux leather Zara blazer and this classic stone coat from ASOS (yes I have a jacket problem). If you’re feeling lost with your style but don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe, spend the day trying on your old favourites and pulling new outfits together with the things you already own!

It only seemed fitting to post this with my favourite shoot I have done recently on the way to finding myself again!

Coat - ASOS
Dress - Nasty Gal (sold out)
Boots - Public Desire
Bag - ASOS
Sunglasses - ASOS