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My Favourite Beauty Products Helping Me Through Self Isolation.

So I didn't used to be overly interested in beauty products. I liked nice makeup and would love to receive beauty products as gifts, however it is not something I would choose to spend money on myself as clothes have always been my number one priority. I was every beauty experts worst nightmare taking my makeup off with a face wipe each evening and moisturising a few times a week at the most (please don't judge me!) but oh how the tables have turned. If I'm being honest I think it was my lack of knowledge on beauty products and brands which kept me in the same boring routine, however since working in the beauty industry I have a new found love for makeup and skincare and I have zero complaints.

I have learnt the importance of self care over the last few months, and not only is makeup and skincare good for your external appearance but also your mental health and wellbeing. The ritual of doing your skincare routine and feeling like you've been looking after yourself can do wonders for your mind, and your skin will really thank you for it later in life too. What better time to practice self care than now, and investing in some new beauty products could be just what you need.

At this strange time whilst the world is in self quarantine, it is even more important to look after yourself. Ok so having a skincare routine or doing a hair mask may not solve all of your problems, but it does keep a bit of routine and sanity and makes you feel great (even if just for an hour or so). Since my collection of beauty products has been growing over the last few months, I thought I would share some of my favourites with you which are helping me whilst I self isolate.

1. Freck Cactus Water, Rich Bitch Moisturizer and So Jelly Eye Jelly

There was something which really drew me to Freck products. I'd had them on my wishlist for a while, and one day I thought fuck it and bought all three. I had previously bought their faux freckle product which I fell in love with so I couldn't wait to try more. These three products are regulars in my morning and evening routine and I actually think they are what started my true love for skincare.

- The cactus water is a gentle toner which includes Lactic Acid, Cactus Flower Extract and Kelp Extract which promotes a smooth and healthy looking completion. I haven't previously had much experience with toners however I know some can be a bit harsh on your skin, but this is a gentle formula which has really helped balance my skin and the evenness and it helps to remove any last traces of makeup before applying serums, oils and moisturisers.

- Rich Bitch moisturiser is a lightweight formula which I use morning and evening. It is an amazing every day moisturiser for any skin type and although it is classed as a rich moisturiser, it isn't too heavy on the skin. I'm quite lucky with my skin and don't have many issues with it, however I had never found a moisturiser I truly loved until I found this one and it is an essential part of my routine. With Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Kelp Extract and Rosemary Leaf Extract, it is super hydrating and keeps me looking glowy! (It also smells amazing).

- Again I have never really fallen in love with an eye product, however I fully rate the Freck So Jelly Eye Jelly. It feels very soothing when you apply it to the eye area (perfect for making you feel a bit more awake in the mornings) and it is super hydrating. It also helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles, and it contains Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Cactus Flower Extract and Olive Fruit Oil.

(Freck products are all vegan and cruelty free)

2. The Bodyshop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask

Plumping is definitely what I need for my tired and stressed skin whilst I am in self isolation! The Bodyshop face masks are hands down my favourite (I regularly use this one and the Nicaraguan Coffee Intense Awakening Mask every week) and the Rose mask is a gel formula which makes your skin feel super refreshed and hydrated! Everyone loves a glowy skin look, and introducing this mask into my routine has definitely helped me to achieve that. The gel texture makes it a gentle and refreshing mask I usually use around 2 - 3 times a week. Top tip - apply with a face mask brush to feel a bit boujee during self isolation.

3. Coach Dreams Eau De Parfum (gifted)

You HAVE to make sure you stick to a routine and keep normality whilst being in self isolation, and you really start to appreciate the little things. Ok so i might not be going anywhere or seeing anyone, but smelling good really helps to uplift my mood. I received the Coach Dreams perfume in a PR package the other day, and even if I won't be leaving the house this will definitely be my go-to perfume for Spring/Summer. It is a light and fruity fragrance with lasting woody notes perfect for wearing going into the warmer months, and the packaging and bottle are pretty great too! If you're into pink and sparkly, or just need a fresh new feminine fragrance then this is the one for you.

4. Starface Hydro Stars (gifted)

I'm quite fortunate with my skin and I have never really suffered with spots and acne. I get the occasional hormonal spot but nothing major! Although my skin isn't anything to complain about, I have definitely seen an increase in spots whilst I have been self isolating and working from home so the Starface Hyrdo Stars have been my saving grace. These hydrocolloid spot stickers help to clear up spots faster (I can confirm they work!) and also look super cute on your face too. Again the packaging is insane - I hate to say I love good packaging but it really does sell a product to me! They are also vegan and cruelty free, and once you run out you can purchase refills to fill up the cute and smiley box. It's a big yes from me!

5. We Are Paradoxx Game Changer Multi-Task Hair Mask

I HAD to include a hair product in the list and this hair mask from We Are Paradoxx has been my go-to recently. Being in self isolation is the perfect chance for us to look after our skin and hair and give them a well deserved break. Over the last week I have used very little heat on my hair to give it a break from daily curling and straightening, and this mask has been my best friend for helping it get back to it's best state. The kelp seaweed in the mask helps to improve the hair texture and adds strength and shine, and it transforms dull and damaged hair. I usually use this mask around twice a week, and my hair hasn't looked this healthy in a long time!

6. UpCircle Coffee Face Scrub Herbal Blend

Last but certainly not least is this incredible face scrub from UpCircle. I had heard everyone at work talk about this brand, but a face scrub just wasn't something I thought I needed in my life. I was wrong, and this brand needs far more attention. If you haven't heard of UpCircle, they recycle natural ingredients such as coffee grounds and chai tea spices bringing them back to life as beauty products which are 100% natural and much kinder to the planet.

This face scrub is one of the best smelling beauty products I own. It is a gentle scrub which works to buff away dead skin cells, and it is great for prepping your skin before masking and a good hydrating routine. Another staple product in my routine from UpCircle is the Organic Facial Serum with Coffee Oil (if you are a big coffee fan you will LOVE the smell of these products). I will definitely be adding more of their products to my routine soon and it is very quickly becoming one of my favourite beauty brands.